About Us

easy eaves founders steve and fiona patterson

Hello and welcome to Easy Eaves.

We are Steve and Fiona, the husband and wife founders of Easy Eaves.

Easy Eaves was born when we were faced with repainting the eaves on our family home. What a horrible job.

For over forty years Aussies have been using fibro cement sheets for eave linings and then painting them every 7-10 years, why? There has been great development in fascia, gutters and windows with many low maintenance solutions developed. Who wants to have a beautiful home with mostly low maintenance exterior only to have to go and spend money and time painting their eaves? Not us.

There must be a better solution we thought? After much research nothing was catching our eye.

As we continued to search for a solution, we finally had a breakthrough, a rolled aluminum sheet that is pre-coated, guaranteed, easy to install, great looking, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and cost comparable to either installing or replacing eaves the traditional way. Win win for everyone.

Our vision is to be the No.1 eave solution in Australia. From new home builds to existing homes, we have a solution that can save you time and money. With values that steer our vision, including honesty, respect, innovation, excellence, attitude and customer service, you can be sure that every dealing you have with Easy Eaves will encompass these values to their full extent.

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